Shatun ATV 4x4 New Khaki Color

Model: Shatun 4x4
Condition: New
Release Year: 2022
Location: Russia
Availability: Free
Engine: 1.5 Kubota, diesel, 44.3 HP
Weight: 1850 kg
Dimensions LxWxH: 3800x2520x2300 mm
Type of drive: chain, 4x4
Type of transmission: 5MT
Passenger capacity: 1+1+4 person
Cargo capacity: 1000kg
New Floating all-terrain vehicle Shatun 4x4 Khaki Color
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Installed options:
  • Safety frame and trunk for ATV
  • Built-in winch 4Revo TRX 12000 with synthetic rope (built inside a floating can in the front of the ATV and used permanently)
  • Hatch for ATV (with the possibility of installation for ventilation) rear placement
  • Hatch for ATV (with the possibility of installation for ventilation) front placement
  • Package of glasses (sliding rear windows) (4 pcs.)
  • Windshield washer
  • Locking locks for all-terrain vehicle (windshield and rear windows are locked with a key)
  • Soft interior trim (soft finishing of sleeping places, hood space, front section) + includes noise insulation of the all-terrain vehicle + soft finishing of the side walls of the car is made
  • Cans in wheels for ATVs (polyethylene cans of 61 liters in each wheel of the AB)
  • HD rear view camera with a 7" 2-channel monitor (the monitor is installed in the standard dashboard)
  • Single-row LED beam combined glow forward
  • Single-row LED beam of combined glow back
  • 4 LED lights for left and right sides, rated power no more than 50W each, with separate switching on for left and right sides
  • Square (under the tow bar or other equipment) on the rear bumper of the all-terrain vehicle
  • Square (under the tow bar or other equipment) on the front bumper of the all-terrain vehicle
  • Tinting of windows (Tinting of an extended package of windows: windshield, rear and 4 side windows)
  • Additional battery (a platform for 2 batteries is installed on the ATV, of which the 1st battery works for launching an all-terrain vehicle, the 2nd for additional equipment) + Battery decoupling relay + Battery information and control monitor
  • On-board computer with GPS module (installed under the steering wheel of the all-terrain vehicle)
  • Sports gearshift stage
  • Rope handrail for passenger module
  • Molly mounting system on small ATV walls
  • Autonomous heater (built into the rear of the ATV)