Shatun NEO ATV 4x4

Model: Shatun NEO 4x4
Condition: Good
Release Year: 2019
Location: Russia
Availability: Free
Engine: 1.5 Kubota, diesel, 44.3 HP
Weight: 1850 kg
Dimensions LxWxH: 3800x2520x2300 mm
Type of drive: chain, 4x4
Type of transmission: 5MT
Passenger capacity: 1+1+4 person
Cargo capacity: 1000kg
Floating all-terrain vehicle Shatun 4x4. Mileage, moto hours - 1073.5
The operating time is minimal, almost standing all the time! In perfect technical condition.
For more information about the model and technical characteristics, follow the link:

Installed options:
  • Aluminum fuel tank for 90L instead of the regular one for 65L
  • Liquid heater of the cabin with the output of blowing on the windshield and side windows of the cabin (+ standard liquid heater in the legs between the driver and passenger)
  • Front and rear light beams
  • Safety frame and trunk (an additional locker box is installed on the roof of the ATV)
  • Shovel and axe included
  • Tinting of glasses with an athermal film
  • Wheel canisters of 61 liters in each wheel of the ATV
  • Winch 4 REVO TRX 12000
  • 220V inverter (2 sockets)
  • Output of a 12V socket and 2 USB sockets for sleeping places (on each side)
  • Rear view camera with 5'd monitor
  • Rear hatch with full recline
  • Exhaust radiator
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