Shaman ATV 8x8 (Excellent condition)

Model: Shaman ATV 8x8
Condition: Used. From storage.
Release Year: 2013
Location: Russia
Availability: free
Engine: Iveco, 3.0l, diesel, 146HP
Weight: 4800kg
Dimensions LxWxH: 6300x2500x2700
Type of drive: 8x8
Type of transmission: 6MT
Passenger capacity: 1+11 person
Cargo capacity: 1500kg
Description: Floating Shaman all-terrain vehicle 8x8 in excellent condition. Mileage less than 2,500 miles . It was in a private collection. Practically not used. Condition as new.
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Installed options:
The price of a new one in this configuration is more than 330k $

Air conditioning in the front
Winch in front
Stairs and roof rack
Automatic&Manual wheel pumping by air
Pre-start engine heater
Spare wheel 8 pcs.
Detachable tow bar with electrical connection
Windscreen wipers for side Windows
Additional interior heater
Additional high beam headlights - 2 pcs.
Electric searchlights - 2 pcs.
Trailer, single axle, low pressuire wheels, carrying capacity: 800 kg
Additional seat (Installed 2 pcs.)
Tinted side and rear Windows
Set of interior mats
Rear camera (can only be installed if equipped with the audio system option)
Leather seat covering
Leather-trimmed steering radio knobs, handles transmission, parking brake, visor instrument panel
Audio system

Shippnig: Worldwide