Phantom ATV 4x4

Phantom / Sokol
Model: Phantom ATV 4x4
Condition: Used. Good condition.
Release Year: 2019
Location: Russia
Availability: SOLD
Engine: Toyota 1NZ-FE, 1.5l, 109HP
Weight: 700-800kg
Dimensions LxWxH: 3000x2200x1700 mm
Type of drive: 4x4
Type of transmission: 4AT
Passenger capacity: 1+1 person
Cargo capacity: 500 kg
Color: Olive
Floating ATV Phantom 4x4 in good condition.
There are not standard improvements that can be dismantled and bring the all-terrain vehicle to factory parameters. Serviced. No problem.

«Wolverine\Phantom» is intended for use as an off-road vehicle that provides movement of people, transportation of goods and towing a trailer in off-road conditions and underdeveloped road network. He is able to get into the most secluded corners of nature, both on land and on water due to ultra-low pressure wheels. «Wolverine\Phantom» has several advantages: affordable price; popular components that can be found in every city; the ability to choose various accessories and individual styling.

Installed options:
Rear trunk
Front trunk with side
Wheel arch extensions
Electric winch
Quick-detachable tow bar
Wheel inflation adapter
20L Canister x3
Led beam
Reverse gear (led)
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